Code Signing Certificates With EV

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What are Code Signing Certificates with EV?

Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates include all the standard benefits of digitally signed code plus a rigorous vetting process and hardware security requirement, so your users can have even greater confidence in the integrity of your applications.

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What are Code Signing Certiifcates with EV used for?

  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Device Managers
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Applications
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Executable Programs

How do Code Signing Certificates with EV work?

Signing the code

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Verifying the code

Ensuring Integrity

What are some features of Code Signing Certificates with EV?

  • -Two-Factor Authentication: An encrypted token containing the private key is stored on a USB device that you receive after you purchase your certificate. Only those who have the physical device can sign code with your EV code signing certificate, providing reinforced authentication and enhanced security.

  • -Time-Sensitive Signing: Adding an optional timestamp means your signature lives on even after the original EV code signing certificate used to sign it has expired. Without a timestamp, your signature expires when the certificate expires, requiring you to re-sign your code.

  • -Automatic Smartscreen® Reputation: Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter reduces warning messages, increasing brand reputation and end-user trust.

  • -Support for Hardware Security Modules (HSM): EV code signing certificates can be installed on HSMs, giving you more control over your certificates and their private keys. Anyone in your organization with authorized access to the HSM can use the stored certificate to sign code.

  • -Universal Platform Compatibility: There is no need to reissue your certificate to sign code for a different platform (e.g., Authenticode, Kernel Mode, etc.)

Max Sanshelp_outline
Total number of Subject Alternate Name domain values that can be added to a certificate. Only registered, Fully Qualified Domains are accepted.
Issuance Timehelp_outline
The approximate number of days required to validate control of a domain, and if applicable, validate the organization which owns the website.
Digicert SSL Certificates
Digicert Code Signing EV
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HTTPS encryption, organization identity included in certificate AND browser URL bar.
1-3 Days

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