Generating a CSR in Microsoft Exchange 2013

Microsoft Exchange 2013 SSL Certificate Installation Instructions
1. Open a Browser and Browse: https://localhost/ecp to Access the Exchange Admin Center.

2. Next, Login using Domain/User Name format, and enter your User Name and Password.

Login Page

3. Next, click on the "Servers" Link which is located in the Left Column. After you select, "Servers" then click on "Certificates" which is located at the Top-Right part of the screen, then click the Plus (+) sign to expand the contents.

Servers Page

4. Now the "New Exchange Certificate" Wizard will Launch.

5. Next, Select, "Create a request for a certificate from a certificate authority" button and Click Next.

CSR Generation Button

6. Now you will see a box that says, "Friendly Name For This Certificate" in that blank enter the "Friendly Name" that you have created for your unique certificate. It will be useful for Identification of the Certificate by the Administrator. Once you have entered the "Friendly Name" in the box, click Next.

Enter Friendly Name

7. On the next screen, if you are creating a CSR for a wildcard, you need to check the box that states, "Request a wild-card certificate. A wild-card certificate can be used to secure all sub-domains under your root domain with a single certificate." If you are not generating a CSR for a wildcard you can click on Next and Skip checking that specific box.

Wildcard Checkbox

8. Now, Select the "Browse" button and Select the Specific Server you wish to store the Certificate. Then Click Next.

Browse Window

9. Skip this step if you are installing a Wildcard Certificate. Otherwise continue by selecting from the list the specific services in which you are going to run securely. This can be accomplished by completing the following: Ctrl+Click in order to highlight the services. Click Next.

Services Window

10. The Next Screen will allow you to review a list of names that the Exchange 2013 suggests to include within your Certificate Request. You can review those names and add any additional names by clicking on the Plus (+) Sign button. Then Click Next.

List of Names

11. The Next Screen will have several blanks and is titled, "New Exchange Certificate." In the "Organization Name" blank enter in the Full Legal Name of Your Company. In the "Department Name" blank enter in the Department within your Company. In the "Country/Region" blank enter the Country in which your company is located. In the "City/Locality" blank enter in the City where your company is located. In the "State/Province" blank enter the State where your Company is located. Click Next.

New Exchange Certificate

12. On the Next Screen you can enter a Network Share Path in order to save the CSR to your Desktop. Save the file as a .req file. Click Finish.

Save CSR

13. At this point you have now saved the CSR, and can open it with a text editor. Copy and paste the contents to the Online Order Form. Be sure when you paste the information, to include both the Beginning and End Tags.

14. Now, you should wait the receipt of the SSL Certificate. Once you have received the SSL Certificate you can begin the Installation Process.

Microsoft Exchange 2013 SSL Certificate Installation Instructions
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