Microsoft Exchange PFX Export

Microsoft Exchange PFX Import
1. Begin by accessing the START Menu, and Click RUN. Then Type mmc.

2. Click File, then Click on Add/Remove Snap-In from the file drop-down box.


File Drop-Down Box

3. Next, Click on Certificates and then Click on Add. Then you can close the "Add Standalone Snap-In Window." Now Click OK.

Add Certificates

4. Now, Select "Computer Account" and then Click NEXT. Now, Select "Local Computer" and then Click FINISH. At this point you can now close, the "Add Standalone Snap-In Window" and the "Add/Remove Snap-In Window."

5. Next, Click the Plus (+) to Expand the Certificates Console Tree and find the "Personal Directory Folder." Expand the Certificates Folder.

6. Now, Right-Click on the Certificate in which you wish to backup. Then Select ALL TASKS and EXPORT.

7. Now the Wizard will continue to give you instructions. Follow the Wizard's instructions to Export your Primary Certificate. Export it to a .pfx file. Select, "Yes, Export the private key" statement.

8. Next, Choose the option that includes all the certificates in the certificate path.

9. Do not change the default settings. At this point you may be asked to enter your password; do so, if required. Then select the location in which you wish to save the file. Click FINISH. At this point the Export should be completed, and you should receive a message stating its success. The .pfx file has now been saved to your desired location.

Microsoft Exchange PFX Import
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