Microsoft Exchange PFX Import

Microsoft Exchange PFX Export
1. Begin by accessing the START Menu. Then, Click RUN and type mmc.

2. Next, Click on FILE, and then Select ADD/REMOVE SNAP-IN.

3. After completing step two, click on Certificates and then click ADD. At this point you will then be able to close the Add Standalone Snap-In Window. Click OK.

4. From this point, select "Computer Account" and click NEXT. Now you will select, "Local Computer" and then Select FINISH. At this point, you will then close the Add Standalone Snap-In Window AND the Add/Remove Snap-In Window.

5. Click on the Plus Sign (+) to Expand the Certificates Console Tree. Find, the "Personal Directory Folder." Expand the Certificates folder.

6. Next, Right-Click on the "Personal Certificates Store Folder" then Select ALL TASKS and IMPORT.

7. Next, follow the Certificate Import Wizard which has launched to finish importing your Primary Certificate from a .pfx file. Select the option to automatically place the Certificates in the "Certificate Stores" based on the type of certificate.

Enabling a New Certificate on a Server:

1. In order to get your Certificate Thumbprint, you must Run the following Get-ExchangeCertificate Command. Any information that pertains to your individual domain or company must be changed to match your company. In this example, it will be generically stated as your domain. The Get-ExchangeCertificate Command to run is: [PS] C:\> Get-ExchangeCertificate -DomainName Under the Thumbprint section type: 136849A2963709E2753214BED76C7D6DB1E4A270 and under the Subject section type:

2. Next, Run the Enable-ExchangeCertificate Command to allow your certificate to be used with Exchange. The following is the command to be ran: Enable-ExchangeCertificate -ThumbPrint [paste_your_thumbprint] -Services "SMTP, IMAP, POP, IIS"

3. Now you will be able to re-run the Get-ExchangeCertificate command in order to determine that the installation was completed successfully.

4. At this point you will be able to test your certificate by connecting to the Server using IE, ActiveSync, or Outlook. In some older ISA formats you may need to restart your server before the installation will be completed.

Microsoft Exchange PFX Export
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