Microsoft IIS 10 CSR Generation Guide

Installing Primary Server Certificate File with Key Manager
1. Beginning in the Windows START Menu, Select and Open "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager."

2. After Opening the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, select "Connections Menu" and select the appropriate Server Name.

IIS 10 Manager

3. Next, Double-Click "Server Certificates" which is located in the IIS Section of the Home Page (in the center).

4. In the "Actions" Menu, Click on "Server Certificates" and click on the option titled, "Create Certificate Request"

Actions Menu

5. The next step is the Request Certificate Wizard will be launched, and on the "Distinguished Name Properties" page the information must be specified. Under the blank "Common Name" enter the Domain Name using the URL format. For the "Organization" blank enter the Company's Legal Name. In the "Organizational Unit" blank enter the name of the specific department within the Company. In the "City/Locality" blank enter the City in which the Company is located. In the "State/Province" blank enter the State in which the Company is located. In the "Country" blank select the Country in which the Company is legally located. Then click NEXT.

Request Certificate Wizard

6. The next screen titled, "Cryptographic Service Provider Properties" will require you to provide specific information. In the "Cryptographic Service Provider" box select "Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider" unless you have a different specific provider. In the "Bit Length" drop down box select 2048 (unless otherwise specified). Click NEXT.

Cryptographic Service Provider

7. The next page will be the File Name page. In the box labeled, "Specify a file name for the certificate request" Browse the location in which you wish to save your CSR. Make sure you remember the filename that you created and the location in which it was saved, so that it will be located within the appropriate area.

File Name Page

8. Once you have Browsed the location of the file, and you have completed the step 7 click FINISH.

File location

9. Now open the file in a "text editor" and copy and paste the information into the appropriate order form. Make sure you include both the "Begin New Certificate Request" and the "End New Certificate Request."

10. Once you have installed the CSR, and received your SSL Certificate you can begin installation of the SSL Certificate.

Installing Primary Server Certificate File with Key Manager
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