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Generating a CSR in Tomcat (Keytool) Java (Generic)

Generate a CSR for Java Based Servers

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Tomcat (Keytool) Java (Generic) SSL Certificate Installation Instructions

Create A New Keystore:

1. Enter the following keytool command to create the new key-CSR pairing: keytool -genkey -alias server -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -keystore yourdomain.jks Replace the your domain information with specific information from the domain in which you wish to secure.

NOTE: If you are creating a WildCard Certificate you do NOT need to include an asterisk in this case, as it will not be a valid filename character.

2. Next, you will be prompted for the DN Information. You will then be asked for the "First" and "Last" Name, but this is NOT your individual first and last name, but rather the specific DOMAIN NAME and EXTENSION. At this point, if you ARE ordering a WildCard Certificate you must start with an asterisk.

3. Finally, confirm the information you have entered is correct and then select "Yes" or "Y" for the word yes when asked. Then you will be required to enter your unique password to confirm the request.

Generate The CSR with Your New Keystore:

1. At this point, you will now use the Keytool to create the CSR. Enter the following command: keytool -certreq -alias server -keyalg RSA -file yourdomain.csr -keystore yourdomain.jks Remember to replace the your domain generic information within the command with the information that is specific to your domain that you are securing.

2. Next, enter the Keystore Password.

3. Now, the SSL Certificate CSR file is created. Next, Open the CSR using a Text Editor and Copy and Paste the text including both the BEGIN and END Tags into the Online Order Form.

4. Now, you should await the receipt of your SSL Certificate, at which time you will be able to begin installation.

Tomcat (Keytool) Java (Generic) SSL Certificate Installation Instructions
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