OV multi-domain/UCC

In addition to validating the organization legal info in the cert details, Sectigo OV Multi-Domain certificate can also secure wildcard attribute within the SAN field.

Sectigo Site Seal

Site Seal

Sectigo's site seals give you an easy way to let your customers know that your site is being secured by Sectigo and that their information is safe.

$1 Million Warranty

Warranty Included with Your Purchase

Warranty protection against certain losses resulting from breach by Sectigo of the warranties included in your Sectigo SSL Certificate.

Money Back Guarantee

money back

This product has a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

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Year 1
HTTPS encryption AND organization identity included in certificate.

Year 2
HTTPS encryption AND organization identity included in certificate.

Subject Alternate Name Information

OV multi-domain/UCC allows you to secure multiple domains or subdomains with ease! Allowing you to manage those multiple domains or subdomains in one place.

How many domains can you secure?

200 domains.

Are any additional domains free?

OV multi-domain/UCC comes with 2 free domains.


How much is an additional domain?

per additonal domain.

OV Information

Stands for Organization Validation. Recommended For Government & Public Businesses, A fully authenticated SSL certificate is the first step to true online security and confidence building.


Green Check Mark
256 bit encryption
Green Check Mark
Supports basic ssl/tls security

Green Check Mark
Supports mobile devices
Green Check Mark
Customer portal to manage your new and existing orders

Green Check Mark
Organization legal name included in cert details
Green Check Mark
limited server licensing & free reissues