Report: Republicans, Democrats both view cybersecurity in similar light

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The Government's Role in Cybersecurity

In the past, before technology began to have the widespread influence it’s gained in the past fifteen years, the American government remained largely unconcerned with what happened online. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, however, the need to regulate and protect online information has become a top priority for our government. Without the right Government Cybersecurity Initiatives, we might not be able to protect election results from foreign hackers or protect privileged, classified government information online. With the rise of nationwide cybersecurity strategies like CISA, however, the American government has started to crack down on hackers, data thieves, and spies. If you’re wondering what role the government plays in cybersecurity, here’s a quick rundown.

What Is the Government Doing In the Cybersecurity Space?

Government Cybersecurity Initiatives and Nationwide cybersecurity strategies haven’t always been a top priority for lawmakers. In today’s climate, however, the need for a reliable initiative to be instated in time for the 2020 elections is stronger than ever. Though divided on many other issues, studies show that Republicans and Democrats both show strong support for greater protections online when it comes to protecting and preserving the democratic process. Without stronger security measures, hackers won’t just be able to skew national elections. They’ll be able to undermine government on a global scale. Because the American government serves not just to protect the rights and freedoms of U.S. citizens but to fight enemies of democracy here and abroad, the topic of cybersecurity has become more pertinent than ever in recent years. The National Cyber Strategy implemented by President Trump exists to protect the supply chain of information, preserve the peace by preventing information leaks and data breaches, and promote growth within the country by allowing the tech industry to thrive without inadvertently putting user information in the wrong hands.

Can You Explain the Current Initiatives?

The new approach to cybersecurity is less about managing attacks and more focused on preventing them. By gathering data, ferreting out dangerous hackers and data thieves, and building stronger protections against breaches and hacks, the new Government Cybersecurity Initiatives are helping to protect privileged information not just as it pertains to citizens, but to national defense systems as well. By doubling down on cybersecurity, the government hopes to protect encrypted military information, keep privileged communications from leaking and causing international incidents, and keep foreign hackers from interfering with the democratic process. The new initiatives also aim to keep the Internet an open, rather than a private and independently protected space.

What is CISA?

Of all the Government Cybersecurity Initiatives and Nationwide cybersecurity strategies the government has come up with in the recent past, CISA, or the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, is one of the most comprehensive advisories for cyber threats and terror yet. The job of CISA isn’t just to tighten security. The agency exists to create a nationwide communication system for city statewide emergencies. CISA also works with the National Risk Management Center to predict and prevent cyber attacks before they come into view.

How can your organization be more secure?

Outside of a full comprehensive security audit, one of the easiest (and free) ways to start is to test that your website is correctly encrypted with the most up to date server security protocols in place.

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